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NIMCET Exam Centres 2024 - Check Test Centers List

NIMCET Exam Centres 2024 - Check Test Centers List

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NIMCET Exam Centres 2024 - NIT Jamshedpur released the list of NIMCET 2024 exam centres along with the official brochure at According to the brochure, the NIMCET exam will be held in 31 cities across India. The details of the allotted NIMCET exam city and centre is available to the candidates via admit cards. The exam cenres includes the cities where the NIMCET exam 2024 will be held. Candidates should mandatorily carry NIMCET admit card 2024 along with id proof at the NIT MCA exam centre.

While filling out the registration form, the authorities will allow students to submit their preferred NIMCET exam centre 2024. Candidates are advised to check the complete list of exam centres before submitting the NIMCET 2024 application form. Read the complete article to know more about NIMCET exam centre 2024.

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NIMCET Exam Centres 2024

There will be 31 exam centres where NIMCET 2024 will be conducted. Candidates should be aware of NIMCET 2024 exam centres as they will be required to enter three preferred choices of centres while filling the application form. The following table can be referred to check the complete list of NIMCET exam centres.

NIMCET Exam Centres

Test City
Centre Code

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NIMCET Exam Centres 2024 - Key Points

  • The complete list of NIMCET 2024 exam centres has bee released in online mode along with the released of the official brochure.

  • Candidates will be required to enter three preferred choices of NIMCET 2024 exam centres while filling the application form.

  • If enough candidates do not opt for a particular NIMCET exam centre, then that centre may be cancelled, and the centre indicated as the next choice will be allotted automatically.

  • However, in a situation where none of the three choices indicated by the candidate is available (which is unlikely), one of the available NIMCET exam centres that are in the same State/UT or the geographically nearest to the first preference centre will be allotted.

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NIMCET Admit Card 2024

The authorities will release the NIMCET 2024 admit card at the official website. Candidates can download their NIMCET admit card by logging in to the candidate portal using their email Id and password. Details of the allotted NIMCET exam centre, exam date, and time will be mentioned in the admit card. Candidates must carry their admit cards and valid photo Id proof to the NIMCET exam centres 2024.

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NIMCET Application Form 2024

At the time of filling out the application form, candidates will have an opportunity to submit the preferred NIMCET 2024 exam centres. Candidates are advised to submit the NIMCET exam centre 2024 carefully as the authorities will allot test city accordingly.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. How can I check the list of NIMCET exam centres 2024?

You can check the list of NIMCET exam centres 2024 on the official website,

2. How many exam centres of NIMCET 2024 will be there?

NIMCET 2024 will be conducted in online mode at 31 exam cities.

3. How many choices of NIMCET 2024 exam centres have to be entered while filling application form?

Three choices of NIMCET exam centres will have to be entered by the candidates during the application process.

4. What things to be carried to the NIMCET exam centres 2024?

Candidates must carry their NIMCET 2024 admit card along with a valid photo ID proof to the exam centres.

5. How many choices can a candidate fill in the application form?

Candidates are required to enter three preferred choices of NIMCET exam centres while filling the application form.

6. When will the authorities release the NIMCET 2024 admit card?

The NIMCET admit card 2024 date is May 28, 2024.


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Questions related to NIMCET

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Preparing for both NIMCET and NEET simultaneously can be challenging due to the significant differences in syllabus and exam formats. NIMCET focuses on mathematics and computer science concepts, while NEET is centered around biology, chemistry, and physics. While it's technically possible to prepare for both exams simultaneously, it may require a significant amount of time, dedication, and effective time management.

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For the NIMCET exam, subjects relevant to Mathematics will be considered as Math,  regardless of the specific name used in your BCA curriculum.The NIMCET exam assesses your aptitude for quantitative reasoning and problem-solving skills typically associated with mathematics. Even if the subject in your BCA program has a different name, the content likely covers areas like calculus, algebra, trigonometry, statistics, or probability, which fall under the umbrella of mathematics for NIMCET.

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RBA full form is residents of the backward areas of the society while OBC is other backward classes. RBA falls under OBC and hence both are the same categories. Hence since there is 27% reservation for OBC in the NIMCET exam, you can select OBC and get all the benefits of them.

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Yes, but it also Depends on the level of question paper in the examination. At least one need to score 250-300 marks in average for a general category student to clear the NIMCET examination. But as you have not mentioned any category so I'm telling for general category.

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Hello aspirant.

You are qualified to take the NIMCET exam, yes. The results of the class of 2012 are not significant in this exam, but the results of graduation are. You need a 60% average in one subject of math or statistics for graduation. For MCA, there are numerous exams, including the BHU MCA CET, BITS Mesra MCA CET, JNU MCA CET, DU MCA CET, and MAH MCA CET.

Than you

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